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ILA Funded Courses

Funding for training courses in Scotland

We are recognised as a branded learning centre by Skills Development Scotland.

This allows us to accept funding from Individual Learning Accounts (ILAs) for people living in Scotland.

ILA Funding Guidelines

If you are over 16 years of age, living in scotland and on £22,000 a year or less (or are on benefits) you could receive £200 towards any of the following courses we offer here:

Do you already have an Skills Development Scotland ILA Account?

If you already have funding in place, you can book on our courses now!

Learning Reiki or Indian Head Massage with ILA

If you wish to learn Usui Reiki or Indian Head Massage using your ILA - here are the options:

  • If you are a beginner in Reiki you will need to commit to both level 1 and 2 training to use your ILA account - this means booking both levels and paying a deposit per booking before we can book your ILA funding.
  • If you have taken level 1 Reiki elsewhere but you wish to take Level 2 through us, then you book Level 2 and we'll book your ILA funding.
  • If you are taking level 3/Reiki Master Practitioner then you book with us, pay your deposit and we use the ILA funding to pay the remainder.
  • If you are taking the Indian Head Massage Course - this means booking both levels and paying a deposit per booking before we can book your ILA funding.

We can't accept your booking for IHM 1 and 2 or Reiki 1 and 2 (Reiki Master) unless you pay your deposit. If you don't we'll just delete the booking

Learning to Teach Kids Meditaton

If you wish to take our Connected Kids course, here are the options:

  • You must take level 1 before you can attend level 2. Booking level 1 with your ILA requires you to book 14 days in advance of a course date. We can't accept bookings beyond this.
  • Book the course, enter your ILA and when you receive the token you must email a scan or post the signed token to us before the course.
  • To take the online level 1 course - email us with this request and we'll advise how to do this
  • To take level 2 - book the course, pay the deposit and we'll book the funding to pay £200 towards the remainder of the course.

To book a place using your ILA simply:

  • use the online booking system to choose a date
  • enter your ILA number and pay the deposit as required (see above)
  • we will confirm your place and book the funding
  • you will then receive a token from the ILA which you send to us - signed and dated

If you don't have an ILA Account...

You can start the process by applying to have this account. Once you do and you have funding to spend, you can come back to us to book a course. Apply Now >>>

Good luck! If you have any questions, please contact us by email

If you don't live in Scotland...

Try your local job centre for an employability grants which you can use towards courses. Or for a carers grant if this applies.

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