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Following the path before you is more than seeing what lies ahead. It is a faithful step into something new and wonderful. It doesn't matter if their are weeds and thistles growing in the path or if there are a soft blossoms and berries. Your perspective determines the experience. Be at Peace with an open heart and open mind. Step into your life with appreciation.
D Kaba

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accredited_training_massage_reik_meditationSince 2003, we have been offering accredited training courses and world-class tutors.

Maybe you are someone who is just starting on this intuitive journey? Or perhaps you are a therapist who needs to dive a bit deeper to empower yourself with new skills.

Our courses are designed to help you

  • develop your intuition
  • improve your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing
  • feel more peaceful with who you are
  • or train you how to help support others with your healing skills

multicoloured drawing of 7 main energy centres highlighted from top to base of spineWe have over 11 years experience of helping people just like you (and your children) improve your health and wellbeing.

Our experienced team of professional therapists, Reiki trainers and meditation tutors are here to offer you advice, help you de-stress and simply feel good.

Reiki and Meditation Classes - worldwide

We are members of the UK Reiki Federation offering professional Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki Training Courses in Scotland and Italy - from beginner to teacher level training.

As members of the International Meditation Teachers Association, we support people worldwide with our meditation downloads or our online meditation course. For those with some experience, there are live, monthly meditation sessions delivered online to you via the internet.

Support for Kids and teens - worldwide

We also specialise in courses to help your kids and teenagers feel relaxed and happy - Connected Kids ™ courses help you to teach kids mindfulness and meditation - courses available worldwide and online.

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